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-What is a print? A print is a high quality reproduction of a piece of art. 

-Are your prints of traditional art you've done or of digital art? As of now, about half of them are digital. That number will go up because that's my preferred method of art at the moment. My traditional pieces have been recolored and background color added digitally. 

-Is that 'LVBART.COM' going to be on my print? No, it's just a watermark to prevent theft.

-How long until my order is shipped? It depends on many things. The holiday season is usually busier, but I try and make sure everyone gets their order on time. On average, it's a few days to a week before your order will ship. 

-What are the prints printed on? Epson Premium Presentation Matte Paper, heavyweight non-glare cardstock.  I use dye based inks for amazing gradients and color.

-How are they shipped? I ship in thick poster tubes, your print is securely wrapped in a newspaper bag to prevent water damage and for easy removal.  I ship USPS but offer other services and upgrade options.

-My order tracking has not updated in weeks, what do I do? This is common with USPS. Orders can get stuck at sorting facilities, and the tracking not update until it reaches it's final destination. If it's gone on for more than 14 business days, contact me.

-My order is damaged, what do I do? Contact me with your order number and I'll send out a new order :)

-My address was incorrect on my order and it's shipped already, can I fix it? I can send a new order out, if you're willing to purchase a new mailing label (typically $4)

Apparel & Other Items

 -Where the largest collection of your apparel? The most extensive collection of my apparel is at Teepublic.

-There's a print that I want on a shirt but can't find it, why? I'm not able to upload every piece of artwork to third part websites for many reasons. I also have lots of designs on RedBubble, if what you're looking for is not on Teepublic, it may be there. 

-Something is wrong with my order what do I do? I can only answer questions regarding Etsy, Lvbart, & Amazon Handmade, those sales I deal with directly. Apparel sites such as Teepublic, Redbubble, Fine Art America, etc., have their own sales and shipping platform. 

-I want a larger size than your largest print, what can I do? Several third party sites I use sell large prints and canvas prints. The best place to find these are Teepublic, RedBubble, FAA, Displate (metal prints), and Jaxson Rhea.

-What apparel site is the quickest delivery? I have a new Amazon Merch store which is two day Amazon Prime shipping

-Can I put my commission artwork on a shirt? Yes, but since I don't produce shirts personally, it will be uploaded to a third party site of your choice and you can order it from there. You can also purchase a license for your image and use it however you would like. 

-Do you have stickers? The best place for sticker are Teepublic and RedBubble.


-What is a commission? A commission is a custom piece of art. 

-What is included in the price? The price includes one print of your choice (8x11 or 13x19). Additional prints may be purchased when creating your order, along with a license if you'd like a high quality image sent to you.

-What if I don't want a print? If you just want a file, make sure you purchase a license for your image and choose no shipping at checkout.

-I wrote out a description for my commission but how do I send photos? Once I get close to your commission, I will e-mail you asking for reference photos or additional information I may need.

-What can I do with a license? You may use your license to create and sell items with my artwork. The limit is 150 items, yards, etc. Once the limit has reached 150, you must purchase a new license. 

-I purchased a license and people are yelling at me for stealing your artwork, what can I do? Wherever you post your items, make sure you note that you have licensed it from LVBART. I frequently report unauthorized use of artwork so this also helps me identify your legitimacy. 

-I just want a new cover photo or profile pic for social media, what do I do? If you want a low quality watermarked image, there is no extra charge once you're commission is complete. If you'd like a high quality un-watermarked file, you must purchase a license fee with your commission.

-What is considered a 'character'? People, kids, pets, vehicles, basically anything breathing or bigger than a loaf of bread. If you place your order for the maximum amount of 'characters', I will look over your order and let you know if there will be an extra cost. 

-What is considered a background? Anything besides the main characters, if you choose no background, your characters will have a shadow and that's all. Background are typically circular shapes, splatters, landscapes, etc. You may customize your background however you'd like. 

-I want a custom tattoo, what do I do? Order your commission as normal, then you may use your print for the tattoo, or be sent a digital file (license purchase). For cover ups, I'll need a photo of the current tattoo.

-How long do commissions take? This is a complex one, it depends on many factors. How many commissions I have, how difficult your commission is, and how many changes you're making during the process. The shortest time is usually a few weeks, the longest is usually a few months. Answering your e-mails consistently helps immensely :) 


-Can I get your art tattooed? Yes, I don't mind people getting tattoos of my artwork, I usually ask a print be purchased first (It does not have to be the one you want tattooed)

-Is there another way to compensate you for getting your art tattooed? There’s a ‘buy me a coffee’ link here for tips if you’d rather do that! I have a page here with other payment methods. 

-Can I get a custom tattoo? Yes, order a commission as usual and you may use your artwork for your tattoo. For cover ups, I'll ask for the photos once your order is received.