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Licensing & Logo Art Commission

Licensing & Logo Art Commission

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*price includes $80 license fee unless choosing 'LICENSE FEE ONLY'

Please Read First!

This page is used to place logo commission orders! All other items (apparel, home goods, etc) are located at my other sites (links on home page).

The 'Characters or Elements' option is available if you would like more than one character/element included in your artwork. Extra characters include other people, pets, vehicles, etc.
 The 'Please describe your commission in detail' section is the most important! Please be as specific as possible, let me know any images I need to look up. If you have photos you need to send me, I will contact you for them once I get to your commission. 
-Each logo commission includes a license fee ($80) for use of your high quality file- 
Your license fee covers one high quality JPG with background, and one PNG (or other file type of your choice).
Default for these are 4023x5186 sRGB, let me know if you require different settings.
Please indicate whether you require a vector-type file or not 

Any questions please contact me! 


Any artwork I've created is available to license. You are generally allowed 150 items/uses/yards per license. If you exceed that number, please purchase another license for the artwork. Artwork will be emailed to you, a transparent PNG and high quality JPG. In the event your files are too large, a shared Dropbox folder link will be sent to you. To purchase, choose the 'LICENSE FEE ONLY' option from the 'Characters or Elements' menu above, along with the 'N/A' option under the 'Add Text' menu. The title of the artwork goes in the 'describe your commission' box, please make sure the title matches the title in the print store. 
Please note, purchasing a print of the artwork does not give you the right to duplicate the artwork in any way, a license must be paid for.

-Licensing can NOT be used to create prints-

 I have included some artwork below to give you an idea of what styles I typically do. These terms are helpful when describing your commission!